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Bulletin Board Metal boat builders Forum.
Trinity Web Trader List items Fore Sale or Trade.
Crew List Open to all crew and skipper.
Home Boat Builders Boats and their builders.
UHmS. Boat owner's registry. Be on the Web. (Site links, photo) 
Ship's E-Store Under construction.
Charters View or add to a list of charters
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Links Links to Info.      Web Sites.
Boat Building Tips Construction photo, Tips
      a.  Getting Started
      b.  Boat Plans Preparing to build
General  discussion
      c.  Frame Setup
      d.  Frame Sheeting
      e.  Port lights   
Trinity Page
Trinity Photo Album A few photos.
Trinity Story Short story, Trinity 1988 to 98.
Ship's Log   Updates of Trinity progress.
Trinity Charters A goal for Trinity.
Ronald E Galli Equipment Service Marine and Industrial Equipment Repair and Manufacturing
Deep Space Earth      Under Construction

WB00858_.GIF (1513 bytes)