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Building Tips


   The true value of setting goals is in the experience and knowledge we gain along the way.  

Building tips is meant to aid in this quest by providing a starting point.  

There are many good books on boat selection and building to aid in the goal of building

your own boat.  I hope you find the contents of this web site helpful. 

    Getting started.     Page 2 under construction


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Click on outlined photos to enlarge.

    Boat Plans




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After 30 days.

                                           Frame Setup                                                     60 Days


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 Frame Sheeting           Sheeting Tools


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Deck bracing during cabin construction



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Propeller shaft log centered in modified keel.

With hydrostatic drive and a 2 to 1 reduction,  Trinity will swing a 35" x 26  3 blade auto feathering propeller.


       Port lights


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     Steel bulkheads equipped with hatch combing for watertight doors.


Trinity Construction Fund

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This page was last updated on 05/13/14

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