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    She is Robert’s Offshore 44 in steel. I have been working on her for the last 14 years here in Stockton, Ca. During that time there have been periods of inactivity.

VALKYR~1.JPG (67274 bytes)    The arrival of Ashley 11 years ago, back surgery 9 years ago that kind of thing, but now we are back on track and hopping to have her in the water by this time next year!              Yippee.


    Plans are to sell the house, move aboard and when my universal interperter/wife of one year gets her citizenship, we are off to see the world.


    I sent you everything I presently have on disk. Will send you some interior shots when I can get them scanned in. Feel free to post only the ones that you find most interesting, my feelings will not be hurt if you don’t post them all.

BBD & Manilla Rose 



2.JPG (62675 bytes)


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