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   I’m Leonard Long, my wife and I are building a Robert’s 53G (extended to 57’). We started in Sep 91 and accounting for time lost due to injuries, vacation and weather, I have a little over 1400 work hours invested at this point. I’ve done 99% of the work alone and have had to learn and re-learn many things. I found that moving 4’x20’x3/16" plates is a challenge at first, but gets easier as you learn how to use chain hoists and cable jacks.

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    All but a few minor metal working jobs are done and we are about to start building the interior. Right now I’m recovering from injuries I sustained in a motorcycle accident I had in 1983. Seems like hitting the ground at over 50 mph after flying about 100’ can come back on you in time. Anyway, I’m almost back where I can do some constructive boat work and we HOPE to have "Shirazad" in the water late 1999 or summer 2000.

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    I’ve attached a few pictures of "Shirazad" that show where we are at this point. The interior has been foamed down to the waterline and is awaiting woodwork.

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Keep up the good work.

Len (CWO4 USMC Retired) email

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