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The yacht Aliza, is a family project.  It was built by Moshe Schwartz single-handed with some help (primarily with system design: refrigeration, electrical, sailing information, and rigging) given by me, Efraim Schwartz.  Aliza was eight years in the making. We have been sailing Aliza, four years and plan many more years of sailing and adventure.


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Aliza Story

By Efraim Schwartz


link to more Aliza photos

Sail'n Cruise web link



     It was nice to see your web site. It brought back memories of the years my father and me were building "Aliza" (a Roberts 53G). We have finished the project and started sailing in August 1994 from Israel and are now in NYC. I have many pictures and video of the whole process.  I need to outfit Aliza with the latest electronic and rigging. (we have 3 hydraulic systems on board. 1. Steering & Auto pilot 2. Winches and dive platform 3. Windless.) It looks like you have the same approach to safety and adventure as we have.

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