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Chartering is one way I plan to help offset the cost of sailing.

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     I plan an initial five-year adventure with charter guests to various ports of call.  Guests can arrange consecutive charters annually to different parts of the world, thereby organizing a personal world cruise.

   Our cruise will start in San Francisco, heading south for the Galapagos  Islands.  On the way we will anchor every few days to take in the sights on shore.  After thoroughly exploring the Galapagos, we will follow Darwin's voyage west, island hopping our way to Tahiti. There we'll spend extended time in the sun.  Get ready for warm sandy beaches, fantastic sunsets, and new days bringing new adventures.

   Over the next few years, Trinity will be exploring its way to the Indian Ocean, with a stop in Perth, Australia, before sailing on to Madagascar.  Then it's north to the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea.  As the adventure has just begun, and the world is our play ground...every day has passed...sailing into the sunset.

   Trinity is being equipped with the latest electronic equipment, including a satellite up-link, to keep our Web friends and customers in touch with us.

   Join us here at our Web site and follow the progress.


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