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Photos 2




Klamath Oregon 2005


Ready to move 2006


Charleston Oregon 2008


Engine Room 2014



Forward Berth

center space will have side Berth & bath



Side Berth

Galley Starboard



Galley, Mast

Galley Port



Starboard side center Berth

looking aft from galley into Maine Salon



Maine salon looking aft

Maine salon looking forward



Passage aft to aft Berth &  Engine Room

Port center Berth & Engine Room



aft Berth

aft Berth Bath Room



Looking Forward Maine Salon

Midway Entrance



Entrance Deck Hatch

Hatch to aft storage



Charleston new view 2014

Deck Charleston 2014


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This page was last updated on 05/26/14

WB00858_.GIF (1513 bytes)