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You can't fix it, if you don't know how it works

You can't fix what you do not understand; you must know how things work before you attempt a repair, and the wrong action may forever render them beyond repair. This is true for most all aspects of life. However, a grate more devastating when deleing with the human transaction, we all most likely have experience with an actions gone horribly wrong. Choosing the proper cores of action for a given circumstance requires a full understanding of how things are meant to work. Understanding the basic principal of the human transaction/interaction will make for a better chosen lifestyle.



A quest for knowledge and understanding byway of experience:


To understand what is the basic human translation/interaction.


The first step is to examine the human translation/interaction in the absence of culture or morality. Then evaluate now the many different cultures or values alter the basic translation/interaction.


Promote those activities which further the goals of the human transaction/interaction in a fair and just way and promote the equally of men. This equality is to include man's exchange with his environment a balance of man's exchange with his pears and there surrounding.


If you want companionship, learn to be a good companion.

Companionship maybe conflict or cooperation, cooperation can be viewed as a asset and conflict viewed as a liability. Not to confuse conflict's liability, with a good debate as to what is the proper course of action. Good quality debate brings understanding and cooperation. However, conflict resulting in a refusal to cooperate resulted in a reduction in emotional value (life quality) to all involved.


Companion's who share life’s command goals will most likely work well together.    


* Survival by Alliances


The true value in sitting goals is the knowledge and experience we gain along the way.

You can only lead by example, there is on other way. Leadership is to set the example by one's own actions. If you’re the leader of one, chouse well it's your life you lead.

You only know what you have experienced. Everything else is either hearsay or bullshit.

Knowledge is only gained by experience; everything else is hearsay or bullshit.

There's no substitute for hands on experience.

You validate a theory by way of your own experience.

 People must be allowed to find there own way, be supported when needed, helped them past pour choice's and commend them on good choice's; However, they must flow there own path.

 You are only in control of what you’re going to do next, anything else is an illusion.

 To attempt to control of another life is to diminish ones own.

The one you think you are controlling is actually in control.

 [You're responsible for your actions.  You make right what you have wronged. ] 

 To manage is to provide the tools and supplies, knowledge and support, that is required to complete the task in hand.

There is never real gain without risk, only the illusion of profit.


Hold all things that make men equal as a basics value of life.

 What you call your self, server to say who you associate with, who you chose as your leaders, server to define you. 


To govern the outcome of the translation:

 Equality is the goal of all good transactions, a fair exchange of goods, services, Currency; monetary, emotional, intellectual, or physical wellbeing:

One should set forth every day with the goal to be fair and just in all aspects of life.

"The future is determined by the character of those who shape it." (Moral excellence)

The deference between good an evil is the equality of the transaction, to gain at the expanse of another is evil, to agree to an equal division of gain is the goal of the transaction and is good.


The different between good and evil is in the perception of equally of the transaction.

Change accuser with the acquirement of knowledge, not the use of power.

Change accuser with the use of knowledge and understanding not with the use of power.

When resisting the influence of others. It helps to know one's self.

"The view changes only for the leading dog."

"It's hard to soar like an eagle, if you're surrounded by turkeys."

"Thou shell not bear false witness"

"People who live in glass houses should not throw stones."

You must create the world you live in.

When you think you know all of what the world is about you still have three choices. You can use your power too help people, control people, or destroy people, it is my chouse to help make the world a better place by helping people.

Change dose not lay in the past. It lives in the future! You create the world you live in.

Alternate realties exist in the fact that if you change your assumption, but keep all the same facts you will come to different conclusion. / [reality?]

 Make a false assumption and the facts become distorted and create an alternate reality.


** The leadership of equality and fairness, the promotion of fairness and just law.


** learn not to be influence by those, that/who would do you harm.


** avoid becoming trapped in the shadow of ignorance. [Stupidity]


** Age is not a factor of intelligence. Knowledge is a factor of Experience; Understanding the

product of applied intelligence.


*** Forgiveness eliminates fear, without fear there is no anger.



Law is the contract of equally. We agree to the terms of law to achieve equally within the

human transaction/interaction. 

A law it self is a social contract.

The law is rules of conduct, the conduct of equally.


Deep space Earth


Ron Galli

3/12/08, October 9 2008

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 ***? Avoid Betraying Hope!

Avoid the betrayal of hope:

 We help by finding what a person thinks they need, then determining how we can help them achieve there goals, using command meathead and belief.

 We need to accept things and people as they are, when bringing new knowledge to the transaction / interaction.

Mental health is dependent on environment.

Good Mental health begins at conception.

 The endorphin of companionship is good mental health.

 Neural plasticity, neural genesis

 When you open your mind to the impossible, sometimes you find the truth.

 Hard wired for companionship and corporation?

A good government is one that is fair and just without corruption, with the ability to govern all aspects of the human transaction fairly.

 Wall-Street? Hunter's gaiter's, looking for free money, that requires the least amount of effort.


Faith is not a good argument.





The wealth of a Nation is in how it value's its people.   The wealth of a world is in how we value the labors of our neighbors, the equality of man's labor.






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