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          When we perceive the concept of Government, as a group looking to elect its leaders, it becomes clear that these leaders must be able to place the needs of the group above that of the individual; However, not at the expense of the individual our there individuality.  Government leaders must be able to defined the common goals of the group and enact rules (laws) that promote the achievement of theses common goals. The definition of these goals must be a process that includes input from all the members of the group equality, reflecting the needs of the majority but not at the expanse of the minority.

          The power of authority of this Governmental body, would include that of Environment, Defense, Economic and the Laws which, sets the standers of behavior, as they applies to the Environment, Defense and Economics, of the group and its individuals. 

          Government in today's world needs be an elected bobby representative of labor and management, the rich and the poor.  It doesn't matter much what we call your government, what is important is that government holds the quality of the communities life above the personal gain of any one group or individual and at no time is equality sacrificed at the expanse of personal profit. That government ensures that all status groups achieve equality of vote and accesses to government and Law. That the stander of living achieved meets the common goals of all members of the community; yet leaving room for those who wish to achieve higher goals room for growth. 

Perhaps the single most basic job of government is to ensure the equality of the human transaction/interaction.


    The first concern of government would be environment, as if the environment is no longer able to support human life, there is need for government. 

    The second concern of government is defense,

    Last but not least is economics,  



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