"Deep Space Earth"

Space Station Earth: 

Look at any photo taken from space and the issue is clear. 

The first photos taken from the moon, July 1969 over 45 years ago, reveal just how important it is take good care of this earth.   

    We have evidence that modern man has been looking at the stars with dreams of adventure since his arrival on earth.  However, in todays world with the Hubble Telescope and other type of telescopes; we see no other blue globe in space, which will support Human Life. It seems daily we learn of some new threat to man's survival however; man has become his own greatest threat.  For this reason I feel we need to rethink some basics of social structure.  

By no means do I think I have an answer, this web site is simply food for thought. 

    Social structure is an extension of the interactions /transactions of humans with humans, and humans with their environment.  Law, Government, Economy, Religion, etcetera, are all attempting to modify the human interactions /transactions of life. When the outcome of this modifying results in equality of profit or loss for all, we call this Good, when the results of the transaction is at the expense of all but the few in control we call this Evil. We often express life in terms of Good and Evil; we could say that the definition lays in the out come of the human transaction be it physical, financial, or emotional, be it within our family or international affairs of states.  When the result of the transaction is equal for all, this is Good; when the result of the transaction is at the expense of others or the environment, this is Evil.  Evil may seem like a strong word, however, when one takes unfair advantage of another or their environment we all pay the price with our quality of life.  

    Leadership is by example; if we are the leader we have no other choice. The fact that we are the leader is that others will follow in our footsteps and do as we do.  Whatever we call our Government, Religion, or Ethnic group, serves only to identify us, its how our leaders behave, which will define us.  As a leader of a family group, his or her actions will define the family, as the action of world leaders defines social policies and social structure. It is when our leaders began to think that somehow they are greater then the sum of their follower that social and economic structure begins to fail. No Government, Religious group, Ethnic group, or Business, etc. could exist without a following of willing participants. When the participants become expendable the structure of any organization will fail.

   We can't fix what you do not understand, you must know how things work before you attempt a repair, and the wrong action may forever render them beyond repair. This is true for most all aspects of life. However, a grate more devastating when deleing with the human transaction, we all most likely have experience with an actions gone horribly wrong. Choosing the proper cores of action for a given circumstance requires a full understanding of how things are meant to work. Understanding the basic principal of the human transaction/interaction will make for a better chosen lifestyle.

Change comes through knowledge and understanding.




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